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Water and Energy Abstracts
Year 2004, Volume-14, Issue-1 (January–March)
Print ISSN : 0021-1672

Table of contents

330.111.66 Socioeconomic Sectors

Salto Caxias Hydroelectric Power Plant – A Tool for Regional Development
Antonio Fonseca dos Santos

Hydropower Development and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan
Zia Ahmad, Tahir Ahmad Malik

Hydropower in Montenegro: A National Economic Asset
Miroslav Markovic, Srdjan Vujadinovic

336 Finance. Including: Public Finance. Banking. Money

Funding Hydropower: Experiences and Strategies of KfW
Klaus Gihr

New Approaches to Project Financing
Edvard M. Baardsen

334.7 Forms of business organisation. Economic alliances

Encouraging Best Practice and Partnership with Stakeholders
Woochong Um

347.247 Rights relating to water (flowing waters, rainwater, ponds etc.). Rights of irrigation of hydraulic power

Syrdarya Case Study: How to Combine Hydropower and Irrigation
V.A. Dukhovny, A.G. Sorokin, A.S. Nikulin

Movement of Rainfall Events in Prague Area
Petr Maca

351 Particular activities of public administration

Sustainable Management of Archaeological Monuments at Indira Sagar, India
S.K. Dodeja, V.B. Bhatt

Sustainable Human Development in the Southeastern Anatolia Project
Sahnaz Tigrek, H. Dogan Altinbilek

351.792 Irrigation. Drainage. Embanking. Dyking

A Case Study on Jojwa-Wadhwana Earthen Tank a Rural Lifeline
M.S. Patel, U.K. Sarvaiya

A Case Study On-Tanks of Fatehwadi Project a Step towards Sustainable Development in Rural Area
M.S. Patel, U.K. Sarvaiya

364.25 Environmental effects

Sustainable Environmental Development of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project
Zahid Majeed, Najam Islam, Muhammad Asim Butt

504.03 Social and Socio-Economic aspects of human impact on the environment. Social ecology

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Section 1: Environmental Management during Construction
Paul Johnson

532 Hydraulics

Numerical Model of Flows in the Underground Storage Reservoir of the Ombla HE Plant Natural State and the State Planned by the Project
V. Jovic

532.528 Cavitation – Hydrodynamic flow conditions

Efficient Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydro Turbine Operation and Maintenance
Youssef Mossoba

550.34 Seismology. Earthquake in general

Assessment of Impact of the Devastating Earthquake on 26th January 2001 on the Ground Water Resources in Kachchh Region
Dr. V.M. Yagnik, V.V. Ayachit, A.D. Gohil

556.157 Valley Storage

Transforming the Desert
Paul Shepherd

556.3 Groundwater hydrology. Geohydrology. Hydrogeology

Estimation of Solute Transport Parameters of Groundwater Systems Using Genetic Algorithm
V.P. Huggi, A.K. Rastogi

614.7 Hygiene of air, water, soil. Pollution and its control

In-furnace SOX Absorption Systems for Steam Generators
Rajni Kant

Energy Revolution-Policies for a Sustainable Future
Howard Geller

NOXStar Rises in the South
Keith Morris, Scott Affelt

How Effective are S C Rs for Mercury Removal? Robert Reed, Jeanette Bock, Michael
J.T. Hocquel, Sven Unterberger, Klaus R.G. Hein

620.1 Materials testing. Defects of materials. Protection of materials

Development of New Composite Material solutions for Pelton Wheels
J.M. Roman, G. Vuillerod, M. Francois

Countermeasures to Reduce Hydro Abrasive Wear at Hydro Turbine Parts
M. Engelhardt, D. Oechsle

620.4 Power Stations

Emergency Power Supplies
Ashok Kumar

620.9 Economics of energy in general

DSM: A Tool for Negawatt Generation

Benchmarking Building Energy Management

The Lighting Industry in India
Gulshan Aghi

Multi-Area Power Market Simulator
Maria Natalia Tavares, Sonia O. Vilela

Demand Side Management – T5 Retrofit and Web Enabled Systems for FTL Installations
Kshitij Kaushik

Standardization in the Field of Lighting
P.K. Mukherjee

Is There a Moving Bed System in Your Future?
John L. Marion, Glen D. Jukkola

621.165 Stream Turbines

From Old Oil to Clean Coal: Transforming Torrevaldaliga Nord
Leonardo Arrighi, Nicola Bracaloni

620.9 Economics of energy in general

Biodegradable Lubricants for Hydro Machinery
Patrick Laemmle

621.22 Hydraulic energy. Water power. Hydraulic machinery

Gaining Development Approval and Public Acceptance: The Basslink Project
H. Locher, A. Scanlon

The Sava River Multipurpose Development Scheme for the City of Zagreb
Z. Pavlin, Z. Pletikapic, B. Berakovic

The Role of Sustainability in the Development of Hydropower Facility
Kevin I. Candee

The Sustainable Development Imperative
A. Scanlon, R. Davies

Hydro: The Key to Sustainable Economic Development with Reference to India
V.S. Bisht

Hydropower, the Way of Sustainable Energy Development in Iran
Dr. M. Gharavy

Electricity Market and Hydropower in Transitional Countries: The Example of Croatia
R. Goic, M. Lovric, A. Curkovic

The Available Hydropotential of Croatia
B. Rupcic

The Ombla HPP Multipurpose Hydro Project
Zvonimir Sever

HPP Ombla in Croatia – Proposed Use of Energy from Groundwater in Karsf Aquifer
Tomislav Pavisa

621.22.018.1 Efficiency

Energy Efficiency – Opportunities in Municipal Systems
Madhav Kamath, G. Hari Kumar

Efficiency Challenge – Making Business Sense with Technology Innovation

621.22.018.7 Power

New Zealand's Experience with Reform and an Electricity “Market”
Bryan Leyland

The Electricity Act-2003
Harish Budhlani

Power Quality and Cost of Deliverables

621.22.018.8 Tests. Testing machines. Installations for determination of performance characteristics, e.g. Efficiency, power output

The Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter – A Breakthrough in Short Intake Turbine Index Testing
David D. Lemon, David Billenness, Josef Lampa

Model Testing as an Important Part of Turbine Refurbishment – Philosophy and Experiences
V. Kercan, S. Mackovic, J. Macan, S.N. Ticinovic, M. Sabljak, I. Bacinger, V. Basic

621.22.253 Rotors and Blades

Shaft Vibration Suppression by Manipulating the Poles
Damir Magic, Djuro Dvekar, Branko Bajic

Safe Control over Large Diameter Shafts with Multi Jac kbolt Tensioning System
Gerhard Ploke

621.224 Water Turbines

Recent Pelton Turbine Upgrading Techniques
S. Risberg, J.O. Haugen, O. Rommetveit, M. Bjerke

Turbine Development for the Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter
W. Knapp, C. Bohm, J. Keller, W. Rohne, R. Schilling, E. Holmen

Environmentally Adapted Technology for Kaplan Runners
Kjell-Erik Varlind, Svante Leonsson, Sebastian Videhult

Optimizing Pelton Turbines for Refurbishment by Numerical Analysis
V.K. Pande, L.K. Harwani, S.M. Ramanathan

A Plant Asset Management System for Hydroelectric Turbine/Generators
James R. Rasmussen

Assessing the Condition of Hydro Turbines by Analyzing Operational Data
J. Aoyama, T. Izuhara, S. Yamamoto

Turbine Instability Explained by Multidimensional Cavitation Diagnostics
Branko Bajic

Developing & Engineering State-of-the-Art Governing & Control System for Tala Hydro Electric Project
M.P. Shrivastava

621.224.24 Francis turbines. Including: Open flume turbines. Spiral turbines

Refinement in Francis Turbine Design
F. Mazzouji, M. Francois, L. Tomas, F. Paquet, M. Couston, G. Vuillerod

621.224.7 Reversible turbines (Turbines usable as Pumps)

Numerical Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flow Analysis Through a Pump-Turbine Draft Tube in the Turbine Mode
P. Popovski, A. Lipej, Z. Cvetkovski, Z. Markov

621.3 Electrical engineering

Peculiarities of Delta Connection in Electrical Power Systems
Dr. K. Rajamani

Alternative Approaches to Determination of Stiffness of Ball Bearings
Har Prashad

621.3.017 Energy losses. Temperature change. Efficiency

Energy Efficient Lighting Through Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Vinay Mahendru

Electronic Ballasts – Myths, Facts and What to Look for
Praveen Sood

Curbing Commercial Losses in Delhi

Low Electricity Distribution Efficiency: Reasons and Solutions
P.S. Bami

Energy Efficiency in Low Load Consumers

621.3.05 Transmission. Choice of transmission system. Power transmission, distribution

Energy Crisis and the Need for a Uniform Global Solution

Intra-utility Character of Transmission Facilities: Implications for Japan and Japanese Utilities
Robert J. Graniere, Masayuki Yajima

The Path of Least Resistance

621.31 Generation, Supply and control of electricity. Electric machines and apparatus. Electrical measurement. electrostatics applied magnetism. Applied electrostatics

Internet-based Least Cost Metering
Martin Gorlitz

Modern Tolls and Practices for Large Hydro-Generator Design
A. Merkhouf, H. Karmaker, D. McLaren, J. Ferguson, B. Bouri, L. Benchaita, Y. Li

Electrical Braking of Hydro Generator Realized Through Excitation System with Digital Voltage Regulator
Blazenka Brkljac, Marijan Pertinic

Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Electromagnetic Phenomena in Permanent Magnet Generators
E. Schlemmer, F. Muller

Ready-Set-Go! Hassle Free Electricity Meters
May Ann Choo

Advanced Meters: Essential Components of Sustainable Energy Systems
Paolo Bertoldi

Va ttenfall Installs Automatic Meter Reading System
Per Hallberg

Measuring Harmonic Energy with a Solid-State Ener gy Meter
Etienne Moulin

Fully Automated Pa rameter Identification for Synchr onous Machines
Dr. Mai Tu Xuan, Prof. Jean-Jacques Simond, Dr. A. Schwery

The Ramped Direct High-Voltage Method of Generator Stator Winding Insulation Testing
L.M. Rux, D.R. Bertenshaw

Precautions in the Modernization of Hydroge nerators – How to Eliminate Old Deficiencies and Avoid New Problems
Sidney Alvares, Junior Carlos Haluska, Carlos Alberto Dias Costa, Paulo Kazuo Suiama

The Egyptian Electricity Se ctor – History and Present Status
Ramses Khalil

Ashley Pocock

Broadband Power Line Communications
Dr. John Newbury

The Euridis Protocol: An Open Solution for AMR Using Various Media
Patrick Mortel, Thierry Deneux

621.311 Power generation and supply. Power stations. Power supply systems, equipment, layout. Electrification schemes

Electricity Act 2003: An Insight

621.311.17 Design of power stations. including: Layout and space requirements of machines, equipment. Layout of switchgear

Design, Operation and Safety of Machinery for Hydropower Plants
Hermod Brekke

621.311.21 Hydroelectric Power Stations

Potential for Improvement of Hydro Plant Maintenance
J. Mayrhuber

Optimizing Operation of a Low Head Cascade Hydro System
Dj. Dvekar, G. Zrinski, M. Brezovec, D. Pecek, Z. Mudri

A Way to Support the Future Development of Hydropower
Shoichi Murakami

Multi-Criteria Decision Making for a Hydropower Station
P. Bryla, J. Lonchampt

Measures for Operational Improvement at the Itaipu Binacional Power Plant
Marcos A.P. Lefevre, Armindo A. Villasanti, L. J. Ricardo Camargo, Celso V. Torino

Performance and Economic Benefits by Integration of Intelligent Supplementary Functions in a Hydr oele ctric Plant Control System
Dieter Meyer-Eberhard Kopf

621.311.213 Storage powerstations (Stored-Water Power Stations)

CFD-based Runner Design for the Dobsina Storage Pump
Christot Gentner, Mantrid Sallaberger, Vlastimil Majercak

Commissioning Test Results of a New Runner for Pumped-Storage Plants
M. Inagaki, K. Kubota, M. Amano, N. Umeda

Underground Pumped Hydro Storage (UPHS)
Kuninori Tanaka, Fumio Wada, Hitoshi Sakurai

621.311.214 Pumped Storage Power Stations (Pump-Fed Power Stations)

Role and Value of Hydro and Pumped Storage in Southeast Europe
Bruno Trouille

621.311.22 Power Stations Using Steam Plant

PC-Based Windows NT Integrated Operating System for Electrostatic Precipitators
R. Lakshmanan, S. Arunachalam, V. Kesavan

In-situ Estimation of Fatigue Life of Power Plant Components through Measurement of Surface Residual Stress
C.R. Prasad, G. Jayaraman

Evaluation of Stress-Rupture Behaviour of Simulated Weld Joint (HAZ) Microstructures of P91 Steel
Kulvir Singh, G. Jaipal Reddy, S.C. Bose, K.S. Reddy, V. Thyagarajan

Life Below the Wet Bulb: The Maisotsenko Cycle
Ken Wicker

621.311.23 Power stations using other kinds of heat engine. Including: Using combustion engines

Making Microprocessor-based Burner Management Systems Safe and Reliable – The BHEL Experience
C. Ananda, S. Dharmalingai

Termobahia GT24 Plant: Helping Brazil Reduce Its Reliance on Rain

621.311.24 Power stations using natural energy sources

Is Technology Keeping Pace with Developments in RE?
Rakesh Bakshi

621.311.243 Solar power stations. Including: Solar collectors (Mirror systems, Solar furnaces). Photovoltaic solar cells

BHEL Lights up Mousuni Island with SPV

621.311.25 Nuclear Power Stations

How to Make Safety Job One
Jim Hylko

All Eyes on Texas
Thomas Smith, Martha Wiese

621.313 Electric machines

Basics of Electric Motors
S.S. Verma

Understanding Moisture in Transformer System
Dipen Khandhediya

621.314 Transformation. Transformers. Convertors. Rectifiers

Factors Affecting C & Tan Delta of HV Bushings
A.K. Yadaw

621.315 Transmission of electric energy. Power distribution and telecommunication lines. Conductors. Insulating materials. Accessories, design, construction of lines

Deformation of Tower Member
R.S. Khandagale

Nowhere to go but up
Stephen A. Behrens

Chemical Cross-Linking versus Electron Beam Cross-Linking of Elastomeric Cables
S.L. Kakkar, Dr. S. Bhaumik

621.39 Telecommunication. Telegraphy. Telephony. Radiocommunication. Video technology and equipment. Telecontrol

Application of VSAT Communication Technology for Control and Supervision of Hydropower Projects in Remote Areas
Yogendra Prasad, Dr. P.C. Jose

621.6.01 Theory of fluids handling

Stability of the Flow Through Pelton Turbine Nozzles
Dr. Jindoich Vesely, Prof. Frantisek Pochyly

621.6.035 Liquids containing solids in suspension. Slurries

Concentration and Particle Size Distribution in the Flow of Multi-Sized Particulate Slurry Through Rectangular Duct
D.R. Kaushal, V. Seshadri, S.N. Singh

624.1 Substructures. Earthworks. Foundations. Tunnelling

Channel Tunnel Rail Link – Section 1: Diversion of Utilities
Ian Clemmitt

624.136 Dykes. Dams. Causeways. Embankments Coffer Dams

Embankment Cuttings: Condition Appraisal and Remedial Treatment
J. Perry, Mott MacDonald, M. Pedley, K. Brady, M. Reid

624.191.1 Technical and economic preparatory work. including: Geological and topographic survey. Selection of tunnel direction, gradients. Sections. Statics. Designing. Scheduling. Costing

Stability Analysis for Tunnel Using Key Block
Rajesh Rai, T.N. Singh

626 Hydraulic engineering in general

Hierarchical Modelling of Hydro Power Plants
A. Ruprecht

626.21 Quantity of water necessary. Water consumption. Water losses

Badger Meter Introduces Galaxy Fixed-Network AMR System
Doug Wenzel

Joint Electricity and Water Metering Project in Egypt
Alex Elder, Tony Clarke

626.22.018.8 Tests. Testing machines. Installations for determination of performance characteristics. e.g. Efficiency, output

Real Modularity in Design Offers Diverse Flexibility in Test Equipment – Moving Test 3000
Y.K. Nama

626.88 Hydraulic work for fish-breeding

Irrigation Development and Fisheries – Managing Impacts on Resources and Livelihoods

Restoration of Storage Capacity at Lyell Dam Using Hydroplus Fusegates – Design and Construction Stages
Bill Hakin, Phillip Solomon, Peter Siers, Bruce Goddard

627.431 Fixed Weirs

Hydraulic Design of Trench Weir on Dabka River – A Case Study
Z. Ahmad, M.K. Mittal

627.51 Flood Defences

Construction of Surikamigawa Dam for Flood Control and Water Supply

627.516 Flood control. Floodwater information services. Flood warnings, alarms. Opening of sluiceways, floodgates

Geheyan Gates Go Auto
Zhixue Zhang, Zhaohui Li, Zhihuai Xiao

627.8.034.7 Detritus. Transported Material. Precipitation. Deposits. Sediment. Silt

Mine Over Matter
Baha Abulnaga, Moustafa El-Sammany

627.81 Reservoirs. Storage Ponds

Hopfield Neural Network Approach for Multi-Reservoir Network Control
R. Jha, V. Sharma, R. Naresh

627.824 Earth dams. Rockfill dams. Gravity dams

Assessing the Likelihood of Concentrated Leaks Leading to Failure in Concrete Faced Rockfill Dams
P.H. Southcott, R. Herweynen, R. Fell

628.1 Water supply. Water treatment. Water consumption

The Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake and Reconstruction: Kobe Water's Experience
Nobuo Ando

628.168 Other types of water treatment

Integrated Membrane Systems in Municipal Wastewater Reclamation
Dawn Guendert

628.17 Water requirement and consumption. Water losses and their prevention. Water economy

Access and Competition in the Water Industry
Nick Wills-Johnson, Alan Lowdon, Hudson Bell

Water as an Economic Good and Demand Management Paradigms with Pitfalls
Hubert H.G. Savenije, Pieter van der Zaag

The Challenge of Public Participation
Erik Mostert

Laws, Policy Measures, Standards and Regulations in the Water Sector in Lebanon: A Review and Perspective
Jean G. Chatila

Integrated Water Management in the South Pacific: Policy, Institutional and Socio-Cultural Dimensions
Meg Keen

The Hydrosocial Contract Theory and the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Richard Meissner, Anthony R. Turton

The Hydro Industry: Need to Return to Long-term Philosophy
J.G. Warnock

826.841 Irrigation by flooding. Including: Irrigation of fields with sewage, effluent, waste water. Check system

Improving Waste Stabilization Ponds – To Meet WHO Guidelines & Mexican Wastewater Effluent Reuse Standards

Author’ Index

Author’ Index


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