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Water and Energy Abstracts
Year 2009, Volume-19, Issue-4 (October–December)
Print ISSN : 0021-1672
Online ISSN : 0974-4703

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Water Resources Section

Designing and Building Belfast's New Retail Heart
Michael Gray, Stephen McCaffrey, Felim Blaney, Finbarr McMeel, Stephen Gallagher

Aceh Emergency Support for Irrigation Building Back Better
David Meigh

A Civil Engineer's Guide to GPS and GNSS
Paul Cruddace, Colin Fane

What Should We Teach in Structural Engineering Design?
Ian M. May

Fuzzy Model Use for Prediction of the State of Emergency of River Basin in the Case of Flash Flood
Petr Janál, Milos Stary

Runoff Changes in Areas Differing in Land-use in the Blanice River Basin – Application of the Deterministic Model
Michal Jenicek

Estimating High Levels Exceedance Probabilities by Point Process Approach with Applications to Northern Mora Via Precipitation and Discharges Series
Deniela Jaruskova

Identification of Compound Channel Flow Parameters
Habib Abida

Numerical Model of Spherical Particle Saltation in a Channel with A Transversely Tilted Rough Bed
Nikolay Lukerchenko, Siarhet Piatsevich, Zdenek Chara, Pavel Vlasak

On Equivalent Roughness of Mobile Bed at High Shear Stress
Vacla Matousek, Jan Krupicka

Arsenic and Zinc in Impoundment Materials and Related Stream Sediments from a Polluted Area in Eastern Slovakia: Distribution, Mobility, and Water Quality
Michal Jankular, Edgar Hiller, L'Ubomir Jurkovic, Veronika Veselska, Juraj Majzlan

The Middle Eastern Infrastructure Boom: 1945–1995
Gwilym Roberts

Middle East: Building Towards A More Sustainable Approach
Brian Cullinane, Natalie Roberts

Engineering in the Barzaman Formation, Coastal Dubai, UAE
Steve Macklin, Asim Gaba

Foundation Design for the Pentominium Tower in Dubai, UAE
Kamiran Ibrahim, Grahame Bunce, Catherine Murrells

Replacement of Sitra Bridges: A Mega-Project for Bahrain
Mostafa Hassanain

Delivering Wadi Dayqah, Oman's Tallest Dam
Mike Prisk, Mike Richards, Michael Hieatl

Aldar's New Headquarters at Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi
Stephen Lumb, Craig Gibbons, Robert Hale, Stuart Clarke

A'samaliah Island, UAE: A Case Study in Sustainability
Douglas Crawford-Brown

Planning of Hydroelectric Project: Preparation of DPR and Obtaining Statutory Clearances
Utpal Moral, Kanchan Paul

Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigation for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for 90 MW Mawphu Hydroelectric Project in Meghalaya – A Case Study
Kanchan Paul

Sustainable Use of California Biomass Resources Can Help Meet State and National Bioenergy Targets
Bryan M. Jenkins, Robert B. Williams, Nathan Parker, Peter Tittmann, Quinn Hart, Martha C. Gildart, Steve Kaffka, Bruce R. Hartsough, Peter Dempster

Plant and Microbial Research Seeks Biofuel Production from Lignocellulose
Laura E. Bartley, Pamela C. Ronald

Cellulosic Biomass Could Meet California's Transportation Fuel Needs
Charles E. Wyman, Bin Yang

Biofuel Policy Evaluate Environmental, Food, Security and Energy Goals to Maximize Net Benefits
Steven Sexton, Deepak Rajagopal, Gal Hochman, David Zilberman, David Roland-Holst

Can Feedstock Production for Biofuels be Sustainable in California?
Stephen R. Kaffka

Satellite Imagery Support Water Planning in the Central Valley
Liheng Zhong, Tom Hawkins, Kyle Holland, Peng Gong, Gregory Biging

Energy Section

Rotating Machines

Improvement in Requirements for Stress Grading Systems of Stator Windings at Hydro-Québec
R. Tremblay, C. Hudon, T. Godin, M. Belec, J.P. Banville, D.N. Nguyen

Experimental and CFD Analysis of Hydrogenerator Ventilation Components
N. Gunabushanam, J. Venkata Suresh

Tests on A 500 MVA Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerator in Single Shaft Configuration
Vincenzo Tartaglione, Ansaldo Energia

Air-Cooled Generators Having Competitive Performances to Conventional H2-cooled Machines
Kenichi Hattori, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Akitomi Semba, Tadaaki Kakimoto, Takashi Watanabe

Deterioration Mechanisms Found in Electrical Generators of A Hydro Plant and its Rehabilitation
E. Robles, O. Reyes, A. Garcia


An Analysis of the Increase on Transformers Failure Rate Phenomena and Measures Taken to Improve Transformers Reliability
G. Bastos, A. Vita, J. Kotlarewski, W. França, J. Santelli, J. Brandão, R. Albuquerque

On-Load Tap Changer Reliability and Maintenance Strategy
M. Foata, C. Rajotte, A. Jolicoeur

FAL, Ageing of Paper Insulation and Life Management of Power Transformers
J. Nejedly, H. Halbwirth

Condition Assessment of Aged Transformer Bushing Insulations
A. Küchler, F. Hüllmandel, K. Böhm Fhws, C. Neumann, N. Koch, K. Loppach, C. Krause, J.J. Alff

Effect of Mercaptan Sulphur on Insulation Performance of HVDC Converter Transformers
B.P. Singh, T.S.R. Murthy, G. Jayaraman, A.K. Adikesavulu, J.M. Malik, S.C. Bhageria, M.I. Khan

High Voltage Equipment

Model of The New Mechanism for Double-Motion of Contacts in A Single Break HV SF6 Circuit Breaker
M. Kapetanovic, A. Ahmethodzic

Improvement of The Transmission Lines Lightining Performance Using Line Arresters: Experience of The Brazilian Utilities
J.I. De Franco, A.C.G. Bezerra, A.D. Andrade

Compactness and Reliability of New Gas Insulated Switchgear With a Rated Voltage of 420 KV
F. Leclerc, P. Chevrier, G. Charot, G. Gaudart, A. Giboulet

Portable 500 KV Optical Voltage Transducer for On-site Calibration of HV Voltage Transformers Without De-energization
F. Rahmatian, J.H. Gurney, J.A. Vandermaar

Electric Field Distribution on Insulating Spacers in GIS Using the Finite Element Technique
R.M. Radwan, A.M. Abou-Elyazied

High Voltage Insulated Cables

KV Vienna the Vienna 400 KV North Input
Johannes Vavra, Manfred Wanda

Development of Cable Products and Systems in China in Recent Years
Cao Xiaolong, Liu Ying

Supply of Islands Through Long Distance Submarine Cables: Problems and Prospects (Case Study: Cycladic Interconnection)
J. Kabouris, A. Maissis, M. Papadopoulos, S. Efstathiou, G. Antonopoulos, N. Boulaxis

Demonstration and Verification Test Results of 500-M HTS Power Cable
M. Ichikawa, T. Takahashi, H. Suzuki, T. Okamoto, S. Mukoyama, M. Yagi

A.C. Ultra-Long Distance XLPE Submarine Cable Interconnection to Island
Shirou Honda, Susumu Sakuma, Hisashi Orito, Kaiji Nakayama, Masaru Watanabe

Overhead Lines

Assessment of Environmental Statistics as an Accessible Breakthrough to Improve Ohtls Design
J.I. Silva Filho, L.A.M.C. Domingues, A.A. Menezes, A.P. Ruffier

Wind Loads on Metallic Latticed Transmission Line Towers
A. De Oliveira, E Silva, J.C.P. De Medeiros, A.M. Loredo-Souza, M.M. Rocha, L.I. Rippel, E.A. Carpeggiani, G.J.Z. Núñez

Assessment of Efforts Due to Extreme Winds on Overhead Lines in France
Marc Le Du, Sylvie Parey, Carine Laurent, Frédéric Huguet

A 400 KV OHTL in Mexico Facing Particular Reliability, Environmental and Design Problems
S. Villa, N. Zanini, M. Leva, C. Cordero Macias, C. Villegas Villagran

Line Performance Estimator Software: Calculations of Lightning, Pollution and Ice Failure Rates Compared with Service Records
I. Gutman, K. Halsan, L. Wallin, E. Solomonik, W.l. Vosloo, J. Lundquist


A Survey of Shared Substations
Antonio Varejão De Godoy, H. Landau, Eduardo Alexandre, M. Brito, Ricardo De Oliveira Melo

SF6 Leaks Sealing Solution for Gis Needs, Principle, Tests, Implementation, Feedback
C. Elleau, M. Kolodziejek, P. Prieur, P. Floch, S. Boulet D'auria

Selection of an Optimal Maintenance and Replacement Strategy of H.V. Equipment by A Risk Assessment Process
G. Balzer, K. Bakic Eles, H.J. Haubrich, C. Neumann, C. Schorn

Risk-Based Asset Management for Substations in Distribution Networks Considering Component Reliability
M. Schwan, W.H. Wellßow, A. Schnettler, U. Zickler, M. Roth, J. Schneider

Reuse Technology of EHV Substation Equipment for Optimized Use of Substation Assets
H. Yonezawa, T. Kobayashi, Y. Ichikawa


Using Power Electronics at Hydro- Québec to Secure Strategic Lines During Ice Storms
M. Granger, A. Dutil, A. Déry, C. Horwill, C. Davidson, P. Baillargeon, A. Blais

Research and Application of Series Compensation and Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation in China
Jianbo Guo, Guangfu Tang, Shouyuan Wu, Guofu Li, Xiaoxin Zhou, Jimin Lin

VSC Based Imbalance Compensator for Railway Substations
B. Paszkier, M. Zouiti, J.l. Javerzac, J.P. Perret, C. Courtois

Feasibility Studies of The HVDC Submarine Interconnection Between the Spanish Peninsula and the Balearic Island of Mallorca
D. Alvira, J. Arevalo, C. Bermudez, R. Granadino, A. Granda, C. Pincella, G.P. Stigliano, R. Vailati

HVDC With Voltage Source Converters and Extruded Cables for up To ±300 KV and 1000 MW
B. Jacobson, Y. Jiang-häfner, P. Rey, G. Asplund, M. Jeroense, A. Gustafsson, M. Bergkvist

Power System Protection

Environment Friendly Disposal of Fly Ash Development of Technology for Underground Mine Filling
P.K. Mandal, C.N. Ghosh, Y. Jha, Prashant

IEC 61850: Impact on Substation Automation Products and Architectures
L. Hossenloppe

IEC 61850: System Configuration Including Harmonization with IEC 61970/IEC 61968
L. Hossenlopp, T. Coste, E. Lambert

Implementation Experience on IEC 61850Based Substation Automation Systems
H.J. Herrmann C. Hoga, N. Schuster, G. Wong

Fault-Tolerant Technology to Increase Reliability for IEC 61850-based Substation Automation System
S.I. Lim, D.H. Park, D.W. Lee, W.J. Pan, S.J. Lee, S.S. Han, M.S. Choi, H.Y. Kim

System Planning

Regulation and Stakeholder Drivers for Capital Investment and Power System Design in Australia and New Zealand
S. Clark, N. Pushparaj, A. Manglick, D. Boyle, A. Li Electranet, D. Bones, Nemmco, T. Miller, P. Southwell

Economic Evaluation of Wind Energy Impact in The Egyptian Power System
Effat Moussa, Fouad Taher, M. El-Sayed, M.S. El Sobki

Electrification of Olympic Installations in The Athens 2004 Olympic Games
D. Stavropoulos, G. Antonopoulos, A. Dratsas, G. Kyritsis, N. Drossos, G. Georgantzis, S. Papathanassiou

Planning of Transmission Corridor in Northern Regional Grid of India– Case Study For High Capacity Link Between Balia and Bhiwadi
V. Ramakrishna, A.K. Asthana

Transmission Network Planning in Ireland in an Open Market Environment
A. Sleator, N. Ameijenda, Y. Coughlan, J. Kelliher, K. Matthews

Power System Operation & Control

Brazilian System Security Standards: How To Maximize Transmission System Limits With an Adequate Security Level
Saulo J. N. Cisneiros

Minimizing The Cost of Generation Redispatching Taking Into Account Remedial Actions
B. Delourme, A. Lasnier, H. Lefevbre, G. Siméant

Congestion Management in the New Market Environment: The Italian Approach and Experience
F. Bassi, E. Fiorino, L. Franchi, C. Bruno, B. Cova, M. Pozzi

International Grid Code Developments For Wind Turbines and DC Inter-connectors
G. Di Marzio, O.B. Fosso

System Environments

Impact of Embedded Generation on The French Power System
Emmanuel Bue, Jean-Louis Javerzac, Jean-Marc Roudergues

Environmental Impact of Energy Systems in Metropolitan Areas: Centralised Vs. Distributed Heat and Power Generation
P.P Girardi, P.C. Brambilla, C. Pertot, G.M. Riva, A. Fiore

Environmental Impact of Heat Pump Water Heaters and Distributed Cogeneration Systems From the Viewpoint of Residential Customers
H. Sugihara, K.T Suji

Environmental Costs Internalization in Electricity Production: CO2 Allowances and Green Certificates
F. Parada, P. Cabral

Electricity Certificates as Multi-purpose Tools
B. Bodlund, L.J. Nilsson, C. Hedenström, N. Andersson

System Technical Performance

Methodology for The Calculation of The Lightning Flashover Rate of a Line With or Without Line Surge Arresters
A. Xemard, S. Dennetière, P.Y. Valentin, Q. Bui-van, A. Dutil, M. Giroux, J. Mahseredjian, J. Michaud

Providing the Pollution Map of Iran Based on DDG Method
M.R. Shariati, A.R. Moradian, S.J.A. Vaseai, M. Rezaei

A Pole-Mounted Transformer Model for the Assessment of Transferred Lightning Surges from a Distribution Line to a Consumer Entrance
T. Noda, H. Honda, A. Asakawa, T. Shindo, S. Yokoyama

Lightning Outage Rate Calculation of Arrester Installed 154KV Transmission Line Considering Statistical Lightning Current Data and Geographical Features
E.B. Shim, Y.W. Kang, J.W. Woo, J.S. Kwak, J.B. Choo

Electricity Markets & Regulations

Interaction Between Investment Processes For Regulated Transmission And Competitive Generation In The Australian Nem
D. Swift, G. Thorpe, T. Baker, C. Macaulay

Transmission Charging in Brazil - Historical of Analyses
V.S. Jesus, J.C. Teixeira

Penalties Application In The Brazilian Electricity Market
E.M.A Neves, M.P.A. Arce, G. Cecchini, R.C. Cunha, R. Kato, G.C.B. Vilaça, F.H.N. Soares, C. Cecchini

Strategic Goals of Regulation – Distribution Business 30 Years From Now
K. Hänninen, S. Viljainen, J. Partanen

Distribution System

Thailand Electricity Market And Regulations
Walika Witoontien

Interactions of Dispersed Energy Resources With Power System in Normal and Emergency Conditions
J. Deuse, S. Grenard, K. Karoui, O. Samuelsson, L. Gertmar, P. Karlsson, V. Chuvychin, A. Sauhats, L. Ribickis, M.H.J. Bollen, M. Häger, F. Söllerkvist, M. Speychal

Large Wind Power Integration in The Brazilian Power System and Revision of The National Grid Code
Fábio C. Medeiros, Pedro A.C. Rosas, Dalton O.C. Brasil, Roberto José, Ribeiro Gomes, Laercio F.M. Guedes, Flávia Maria C. Ferreira

Contribution of Wind Farms to Ancillary Services
P. Bousseau, R. Belhomme, E. Monnot, N. Laverdure, D. Boëda, D. Roye, S. Bacha

Communication as The Key For A Sustainable Network Integration of Dispersed and Renewable Generation
Bernd Michael Buchholz, Stephan Malcher, Kurt Rohrig

Material for Elctrotechnology

Experiences With Operation of Wind Farms Using Wind Forecasting Tools
Kurt Rohrig, Yvonne Sassnick, Zbigniew Styczynski, Ronald Völzke

Acoustic Monitoring of Partial Discharges Using Fibre Optic Sensors
B.T. Phung, A Zagari, T.R. Blackburn

Acoustic Monitoring of Partial Discharges Using Fibre Optic Sensors
B.T. Phung, A Zagari, T.R. Blackburn

Sensors And Sensing Used For Non-conventional PD Detection
M. Muhr, T. Strehl, E. Gulski, K. Feser, E. Gockenbach, W. Hauschild Highvolt, E. Lemke

Industrial Testing of High Voltage Joints Using Ultrasound
C. Cornelissen, T. Wirz, A. Schnettler, I. De Schrijver, F. Claeys

Electromagnetic (UHF) PD Diagnosis of GIS, Cable Accessories and Oil-paper Insulated Power Transformers for Improved PD Detection and Localization
S. Tenbohlen, S.M. Hoek, D. Denissov, R. Huber, U. Riechert, S.M. Markalous, T. Strehl, T. Klein

Information & Telecommunication

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Supply For Electric Utility Telecommunication Networks
Alex W. Lam

Behaviour of the Disaster Resistant Communication Systems Utilizing IT Technologies by Electric Power Companies in Japan
M. Yamasaki, Y. Tateishi, K. Sakaguchi, H. Kouno, K. Sawada

Ensuring Reliable Operation of Info-communication Systems Under Pre-emergency and Emergency Situations in The Power Utilities and Their Real-time Protection Against Unauthorized Influence
M. Solntsev, V. Ishkin

Reliability Assessment for System Control Telecommunication Circuits
J. Feijoo Martinez, A. Palomo Ponce

Management of Information Technology Infrastructure in The Power Utility – A Consolidated Approach
M. Mesbah

Cyber Security in Substation Automation: Design and Supervision
F. Lenoir, A. Vidrascu, J.M. Delbarre

Key Issues and Related Methodologies in The Security Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Electric Power Control Systems
G. Dondossola, O. Lamquet, A. Torkilseng

Key Issues and Related Methodologies in The Security Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Electric Power Control Systems
G. Dondossolaýÿ, O. Lamquet, A. Torkilseng

Application of IP Networks at Electric Power Companies in Japan
Hidenao Iwahashi, Osamu Sasaki, Satoshi Ishii

Application Experiences of Monitoring and Controlling Electric Tunnel Equipments Based on The Advanced PLC Technologies of Kepco
D.H. Hyun, S.H. Ju, T.Y. Lee, B.S. Park, Y.H. Kim, M.S. Choi, M.H. Yoo

Evolution of Ren's Security Telecommunication Network According The Technological Evolution and Liberalization of Energy Market
A. Fonseca, P. Melo, J. Fonseca

Gateways As Migration Means to The Increased it Role in Electricity Business
N. Miladinoviæ, R. Stamatoviæ, G. Koneèni

Control Center Architecture and Integration in Vattenfall Finland
I. Rinta-jouppi, E. Sandström

Monitoring and Diagnosis of Partial Discharges in Medium Voltage Distribution Networks Through BPL (Broadband Over Power Lines) Technology
Alejandro Cortés, José Comabella

The OPERA IST Project, the Power Line Communications as Basis to Increase the Use and Exploitation of IT Technologies in the Electricity Business
J.J. Nieto, J.J. Guillen, E. García, A. Díaz-Chirón, M.A. Chimeno, L.J. Legorburu

Assessment of Enterprise Information Security in Electric Utilities - The Importance of Prioritization
E. Johansson, P. Johnson, T. Cegrell

The Top it Concerns For Chief Information Officers in European Electric Power Industries
Å. Lindström, M. Grandell, T. Cegrell

Enhancement of IP/MPLS Network For Power Utilities
Akekachat Pao-on, Patana Sangsriroujana, Wissarut Yuttachai


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